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where is the next episode that was supposed to drop today?

It's still the 14th on Midway Island Sorry, I forgot to update it here before I went to bed


Are you still working on this game?

Hell yeah!  The next episode is in early access on Patreon and Subscribestar, and will drop here on Sep 14.


Wow.  This game is great!

Maybe our heroine finds out that the old man owner has private A-list sex parties as well as A-list clientele house calls where the girls are sent to clientele's home for sex.  She finds out the terrorist has been spotted occasionally at the parties and some of the girls have been sent coincidedntally to hotel rooms to prostitute and the john was the terrorist.  So our heroine tries to attend the sex parties with lots of booze and drugs and tries her best not to have sex with random people...  and also starts making sex house calls in hopes of randomly finding the terrorist.

Or else maybe she spots the terrorist organizations gross accountant or a low-level; terorist...  and starts fucking all the terorists in hopes of moving up the food change to finally get to the head terrorist she is trying to capture.

Also it would be a lot of fun and funny if the little boy at her hostel somehow blackmails her and really fucks the shit out of her all the time and gets his little kid friends in on the action too!

The old man owner could randomly call her into the VIP room one day and tell her to please do him a favor and fuck his gross old friend.  When she finally agrees, a cameraman comes out and films it 

Anyway, I love the game and always yearn for the newest update!

Hot ideas, thanks Joey, and for the encouraging words!  Next episode will drop here on Sep 14.

please continue the story in college until the end of the character's life, getting a regular job, getting married, like a sandbox, i love the game in school and college

We plan to do this in the future.  :-)  If you have any ideas for scenes you'd like to see, let me know (here or on Discord)

I want support this game but i just have Google payment, .

hello developer, I'm one of those who like your game, I want to access a bigger Bra size, is there another payment method?

Hi ilhamftr!  Thanks so much for enjoying the game.  🥰  New episode coming soon!

You can support future development at Patreon or Subscribestar.  Supporters get a couple of small extra rewards in their version, including the biggest bra size.

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Just started playing the game today but are there going to be other ethnicities/skin tones? The only available one is fair :/ I saw in another comment that you mentioned that its on the to-do list but I feel like that's something that could've been added pretty early on.

Yeah, it's a little more complex than you think because we need to create lots of new art assets for skin tones (e.g. eyes, lips, etc).  We experimented with just recolouring them in Photoshop but they didn't look good, so we'll have to hand recolour everything which is very time consuming.  This is something that I plan to do but I'm fully focused on the next episode right now, sorry :-(

ok am i the only one simping for our handler, like i would die for ian ok. also maybe im just headcanoning way too much but the potential for sexual tension and angst there is just *chefs kiss*


Wrote another scene with him this week :-)

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Is the lifepath coming back? I really enjoyed that, outside of Tyranny Or Dragon Age I can't think of a game that allows you to play out your backstory and allows it to affect the rest of the game


Yes, Soon™ but I don't know when.  The problem is that each update takes a long time so it's hard to balance everything out.  :-(

does anyone have the discord link I accidentally left the server?

I know you found us again Raptor but in case anyone else needs it: Female Agent Discord

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I have been trying to get Josh in the Africa part... I can´t! need to keep playing

Sorry, this was in the original design for the scene but it ended up being cut, there's no way to hook up with him in Africa.  :-(  This is a popular request, though.

P.S. it's Yosh

Save mechanic doesn't work, I click "save" and it gives me an error report?

Sorry this is such a late reply but this is probably to do with your browser's cookie settings


hey from one of your (few? i think?) female players. the recent ui overhaul probably took a lot of time and many character creation assets need to be remade, but i hope asian looks are in the cards for soon! haven't played the recent update yet but fingers crossed it'll be as good as before 🤞

I was so pleased when the game started attracting female fans.  :-D

New ethnicities are on the to-do list.  Asian is actually the most work, since it requires some changes to the plot, but we've figured out an elegant way to do it.  The problem, as always, is development time but never say never


nice, story rich, i want the end </3


More coming soon!  :-)

I love the game and have played through the current build multiple times, but it hasn't been updated in 100 days and I'm starting to worry it's not going to be again.


Relax, is gonna be update again, but there is the situation:

The team have a discord server where you can join and notice what are the stage of the game, also a patreon where they publish how is progressing the game, but now there are changing the game complety.

They created a new engine where they are making more things than in the before, and the demo whast good, they are gonna introducce more history before your character can become agent.

So, relax because they are working on it, but it gonna be late.


that's great to hear, I cannot wait to play the next version of this game, and I wish I could support finicially but currently do not have that possibility.

Yeah, me neither men (u.u)

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Thank you Sirspoon and Juan!  New version coming to itch soon.

Thanks to you for reply (^^)

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The whole "primitive African tribe," and some members of the tribe trying to sexually assault you is a racist cliché.

Deleted 1 year ago

The Himba are a real people living in modern day Africa, check them out, they're fascinating.

The motel break-in attempt isn't by members of the tribe (who live a long drive north of the hotel), but by different locals.  It's based on a real event that happened to a friend of mine when she was staying alone in a motel in Uganda.


Although it has a good premise and I found the game quite original as far as interactive fiction goes, it is just not for me; there's just way too much sexual content in this one. I know the main mission focus touches upon the subject of sex, but I still felt there was too much of it - even before the main mission - and little substance to it. Regardless, kudos to you, crushstation, for such an original take on the IF genre! Best wishes :)

Thanks for playing, Mistral, I appreciate it!


is this game on hiatus? hopefully the writer blocks clear up, looking forward to this <3


Not on hiatus!  New version coming to Itch soon.


this game seems fantastic but it seems like i'm going to have to wait a very long time to not need to have sex with a man

And a very long time for Crushstation to reply to comments sorry 😔

Girl/girl is a very popular request and will be in a future version of the game.  (There is also a girl/girl scene in version 1.11.1, available here – make sure you choose the "Elite" social class background during character creation to see it, it takes place in Switzerland.)


The game is amazing so far!! There is so few r18 games that women can play! I'm so excited for the game! Make sure too take plenty of breaks so you stay healthy and  you don't lose interest!


Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby!  Thanks so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it.  :-)  I have to force myself to take breaks because I love working on the game so much, but the project needs me not to be burned out.

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Are other ethnic backgrounds and skin colors going to be an actual thing ? I saw comments a few months ago asking a similar question and you answered "soon" but with your latest update I haven't seen any additional options mentioned.


Hey Kyle!  We're working on this at the moment.  Hopefully we'll be able to restore the pale & olive caucasian skin tones soon, and after that we'll tackle non-caucasian options as soon as we're able to prioritise it.  (The new "Ethnicity" field in the character creator is the framework for how we'll code this in.)


Amazing game, love the writing and character development.
Are there any plans on making the new agent model look more like old model (v1.6)? I think the model and the customization options were prettier.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks Haaazu!  Unfortunately we had to move away from the 1.6 avatar as the many customisation options were slowing down development too much.  The new look is final, although we will be adding more skin tones, hairstyles clothing etc in the future.


Any plans on being able to play as a non-white agent anytime soon? 


It's on the to do list, but I don't know when we'll get round to it, sorry :-(


Thanks for the reply, I became a patron after trying the demo! Really well done on this game thus far!

Thanks so much!  Really appreciate the support :-)

Hi, I'd actually like to know when we can expect the full version, I'm such a big fan of this game, can't even count how many of my home boys I've shared this game with, they all love the unique chance to play a female character, with such good writing! But each of us are just biting our nails and waiting for the complete version, with how well you've written this first part, I know for a fact the complete version would simply be mindblowing, and maybe blowing other stuff heh. Anyway, approximately when can we expect to see this amazing game completed? 

Hey Shreks, thanks for the encouragement!  I've been bad at keeping the itch version updated, but I'll aim to be better in the future.

We're currently working in a new way that we're hoping will enable us to release new game content every month.  If anybody wants more info they can talk to me directly on Discord, where I'm: Crushstation#8544

Question: How can I use the intelligence slider during character creation. I want to make some sort of blonde ditz, but the game says she has to be smart to join the CIA, etc.

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Ditzes aren't supported because she's an intelligence officer, so she has to be smart – the minimum Intelligence you can pick is +1.  In the future I do want to support her ability to act like a ditz when she's undercover, though.

Yo fix the clothes flashing glitch. It flashes the characters nude body when they are 16, which is creepy.

Thanks, this should get fixed in 1.8

I have one major critique. Whywould fly a BA from Heathrow (horrible airport btw} when I dunno go with a much cheaper like say easy jet specially on government money

:-D  I wish I had your faith in thrifty government

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Hope Crushstation reads this - please finish the main story first. Mechanics and visuals should take a backseat to content.

I'm a fan, but looking at current progress, it could be 2023 before we'll ever know how the mission ends.

Hope to get closure or some concrete timeline before committing to becoming a patreon.


took the words out of my mouth, nicely explained @Ahilang08.

Hi!  This is what I was trying to do, but the clunky mechanics and complex visuals were slowing down the production of content.  

So we've taken some time to simplify both in order to produce new content faster in the future.

You can read more about the new approach here:


Awesome! Loved the content so far, but despite the detours and countries she's been to, my agent never made it to Thailand even...

Look forward to happy ending(s), especially since the main story should be done by right? =)

It's outlined, but not written in its final form.  Because of all the branching paths I have to build each scene directly in the engine, so it's not as straightforward as writing it in a Word doc then pasting it into the game unfortunately

Yo Crush, been watching the developments, seems like even slower than before now that agent went back to school.

It's approx 14,000km from USA to Bangkok, if agent walks at the average 5km/h, she'd already have arrived in under a year.

Any firm timeline for touchdown in BKK? Asking for a friend.


when are u going to put darker skin colors the game is good but you are kind of forgetting  different skin colors



It's on the list, it's just getting round to it


cool thxs


When is this game going to be fully released? Cant wait for the final version, hopefully it will be free, but its understandable if its not, this is a fantastic game, Great Job Developer. Wish i could support but I am sadly broke.

Thanks!  You can still support it with ideas and requests, come hang out on our Discord server and psych us up!


This game is a lot of fun. I love the customization options. Just hoping for more updates

Thanks!  It will be updated Soon™

Any cheats?

I think extra skills and stuff is Patreon only, if that's what you mean. 

I really like the game but i'm just wondering has Bangkok been released yet?

No sorry


maybe in the future development can make this kind of game with a different story, not as a secret agent maybe? possible as a student or something else and there is a lack of aspects of pregnancy in the game because playing the character of a woman might be able to get pregnant

Yeah the engine should be flexible enough to tell other stories. I have a sci-fi project that I'd love to start, and other writers are welcome to make use of the source code

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Actually has decent writing and art. Only text-based game I've played twice. Still really excited about the coming updates.

Thanks :-)


this game is so fun! excited for more updates. great job writing, and having so much character customization 

Thank you!